Carried Away - Fine Foods and Catering


Carried Away opened in November 1989 by chef Tom McNary after working at the legendary Chez Panisse in Berkeley for many years.  His experience there shaped a strong philosophy of using the freshest, seasonal ingredients prepared with passion and care.

The restaurant has since been taken over by his sous chef Luis Rene Serna and Maribel M. Flores who continue his legacy preparing high quality foods using primarily organic, locally-sourced ingredients.

The green-certified café, located in the quaint Aptos Center, is open daily except for Sunday and offers take-out items for lunch and dinner. All soups, salads, sandwiches, entrées, and desserts are made from scratch each day. Thin-crust pizza is hand made every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Many fundamental ingredients and condiments are housemade, and an outdoor portable smoker is used to produce Tom’s pulled pork and other smoked delights.

In addition to a thriving and loyal customer base at the café, Carried Away’s catering business has also flourished over the years. From intimate dinner parties to larger events such as weddings and corporate functions, there is consistent attention to quality food and service.